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What they say

“Lawyals have drafted the labor agreement, which we concluded with all our employees. They have given us the recommendations and drafted the agreement, which protected the company’s rights in relation to the intellectual property and restriction of competition. Thank you, Lawyals.”


“We asked the Lawyal team to draft standard terms and conditions for our marketing (affiliate) platform. They understood the business concept very rapidly. Within the limited period, they drafted the terms and conditions. They have also given us significant recommendations concerning the personal data protection and agreement conclusion process. Relationship with Lawyals is very easy and they always try to explain the complex legal issues in a plain language.”


“Lawyals supported drafting the complex and multilateral sale and purchase agreement. They have deep knowledge of legal issues concerning real estate. They find the solutions always and are very effective communicators during negotiations with the other party. We are very grateful for their services.”

Anbani Wine